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Cloud Solutions For Business

Our Solutions

Discover how your business could change for the better with our cloud computing solutions.

We are offering a range of feature-rich cloud computing solutions for business’, supplied, configured and trained by real people using remote training sessions, nothing recorded or automated.

In a world of work which is changing it’s important for you and your business to discover the value of working with various tools – many of them powered by cloud server technology, an innovation that makes cloud computing between your teams much more simplified.

Freedom. It’s one of the main reasons why you, a business builder and fearless entrepreneur, decided to venture out on your own and start a business.

The freedom to create something without having to answer to anyone, the freedom to work at your pace and the freedom to do something that can make a difference to people’s lives.

As a business owner, entrepreneur or finance manager you have the freedom to decide where you work and how you want to manage your IT infrastructure, either in house or hosted.

It’s an inescapable fact of life that technology is no longer limited to the office or the home.

Working whenever and wherever you want sounds like it’s going to be technically complex. Think again, because the right cloud platforms are simple to use and simple to integrate into your business.

By working within a cloud server, you can reduce your physical office size by offering your workforce the opportunity to work from home, on the road, or hot-desk, reducing costs. You will also be able to reduce the cost of expensive in-house servers and systems to run your day to day business activities.

Contact us here for more information about our cloud computing solutions for business.

Big Fluffy White
Small to Medium business solutions,
based on Sage 50c Accounts and Microsoft Office
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Big Fluffy White
Medium to large business solutions,
based on Sage 200c Accounts and Microsoft Office.
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Big Fluffy White
Payroll Solutions
based on Sage 50 Payroll
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Big Fluffy White
Cloud Servers
Dedicated Server Hosting, Critical Application Hosting and Cloud Servers
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Big Fluffy White
Cloud Email
Hosted Microsoft Exchange
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Big Fluffy White
Cloud Backup
Online Data Backup for Servers and PC’s
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About Us

The Big Fluffy White brand is a part of Impress Solutions Ltd, established in 1997 as Sage specialists and developers.   Our clients range from individuals to start-ups and multi-national blue-chip corporations.

Impress Solutions offer a wide range of software development services and Sage solutions, all the way from initial consultancy, through system development, installation, training and on-going support.

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The future of cloud computing is Hosted
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